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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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tickets to see the warriors? they're not cheap. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. only on 5 tonight: we expose bay area politician tickets to see the warriors, hey, they aren't cheap, only on 5 tonight we expose some bay area politicians treating themselves to premium seats for free. but first breaking news. andria borba tells us a passenger plane is missing tonight. >> egypt air flight 804 was on its way from paris to cairo when it disappeared from radar about 40 minutes before it was supposed to land. the airline said it had just entered egyptian airspace. it's an airbus a320 with 66 passengers and crew aboard. the pilot has 6,000 flight hours. flight tracking service flight radar sent out this update about 90 minutes ago listing the flight's departure time and its new status as unknown.
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its last known position was over the mediterranean sea. both egyptian and greek search crews are already on scene in the mediterranean. about 30 to 40 miles off the coast of egypt. the head of egypt's air navigation authority told the new york times they did not radio for help or lose altitude. they just vanished. so far we have not heard of any americans on board this flight. we'll continue to follow this and bring you any major developments. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5 news. conference finals well, that says it all. a golden night for the golden state warriors. the doves defeat oklahoma city in game two of the western conference finals tying the series now a game apiece. for you or me to get a ticket to tonight's warriors playoff game, it would not be easy or cheap, but for some east bay politicians some of the best vip seats are just landed to them. only on 5 tonight mark kelly investigated who is snapping up these pricey freebies all for themselves.
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>> the game is awesome. steph closed it out. he's the man. >> reporter: for a basketball fan what could beat this, watching one of the greatest players of all time perform magic on the court? from the front seat of a vip suite and all without having to pay a dime. so who are these lucky fans and how did they snag a warrior playoff ticket that today sells for more than $1,000 for free? turns out a lot of them are east bay politicians. under a contract with the coliseum complex three premium suites like this one are reserved for the coliseum board of commissioners, the alameda board of supervisors and oakland city council. >> the city owns part of it. that's why we get it. it's not like we're getting a gift. >> reporter: oakland city council member dan cobb says he gives away most of his tickets to local nonprofits, community advocates and to his hard
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working staff. >> of course, warriors games are at a premium these days. we give most of the warrior tickets away as well. >> reporter: and it's true. elected officials are required to file forms and we went back to them through january of 2011 and tom cold gave away 182 and kept some for himself. take oakland city council member here against a recent playoff game against the trail blazers. during halftime he posted about it on instagram. according to the data we've compiled, he's been to see the warriors free 36 times in the last year and a half. face value of tickets claimed for himself? $76,000. then there's councilwoman
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lynnette mcelhany. she rarely misses a game. she's been 41 times in the last year and a half. face value of her tickets? 125 grand. >> this whole process of giving the tickets to public officials really could give the public reason to distrust the government in oakland. >> reporter: hannah callahan with the center of applied ethics at santa clara university says the tickets are supposed to be used only for public purposes. >> this is a public resource, so this would be like using a city vehicle to take your family on vacation. >> reporter: the purposes listed in the city policy include rewarding a city employee, a community group, school or student. unfortunately we found politicians often using tickets for themselves instead with excuses like reviewing contribution of facility, that's guan's favorite and oversight of facilities. mcill hanie uses that one --
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mcilhaney uses that one a lot. >> how many times do you have to go to oversee the facility? >> reporter: we wanted to talk to the councilwoman about her ticket use. >> i'm not going to speak to you on camera about warriors tickets. >> reporter: after waiting a while and chatting with the friendly employee at the front desk, we gave up on meeting with her and council member giyan who sent his scheduling out to talk with us. >> he has a meeting. >> i am disappointed that there isn't a more transparent process. they have a duty to maintain and preserve the public trust because if the public loses trust in government, government doesn't work. >> we should point out the council members do give a lot of tickets away, but that, of course, raises a whole other issue. who are they giving them to and could they be handing them out just to garner some votes?
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of course, kenny, we'll follow up on that. >> is this just for the oakland coliseum? is this the arena? >> of course, that got things going, but we made some phone calls, found there was no luxury seats for elected officials at at&t park or levi stadium, but san diego is, in fact, dealing with a similar issue in its stadium and the mayors are now calling for some reform. >> i think you'd be willing to meet with the council members if they call after seeing this. >> we'd love to. back to tonight's game, dennis o'donnell is at oracle arena tonight. dennis? >> reporter: thank you, elizabeth. perhaps even more impressive than the warriors 73 wins this season is the fact they have not lost back to back games all season. that streak continued tonight against okc in western conference finals. now steph curry is not going to let his team take another one on the chin against oklahoma city, but the mvp took one
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himself, but he popped up just fine. in the 3rd quarter curry made three shots from downtown during a warriors 15-2 run. warriors won 118-91 and even the series at one game apiece. more importantly, curry is okay from the fall. >> i was hoping the fans would just like a dive at a concert, just be like a guy like steph go out there, just catch him. i was like why did you move? catch steph. anybody else let them fall, but see steph going, about four people just catch him. >> i guarantee the okc fans will not catch him where game three tips off sunday at 5:00. at oracle dennis o'donnell, kpix5. hopes last night we won in oregon and you know what? i think we're going to sweep the west coast. >> tonight bernie sanders swept across the bay area in hopes of gaining voters ahead of next month's primary in california. earlier tonight sanders spoke
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to thousands of people in vallejo. kpix5 reporter cate cauguiran with his message to the crowd. >> reporter: thousands flooded vallejo's waterfront park. >> to be honest, i didn't know that there was this many people in vallejo. [ cheering and applause ] i knew if i didn't come see h would probably reg >> reporter: many of them waited for hours just to get inside. >> i knew if i didn't come see him, i'd probably regret it. i mean what if he becomes president? >> reporter: warren king had never come to a presidential rally in his life until today. why now? why go to a rally now? >> because it matters now more than ever. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders wasted no time getting to his platform including free college tuition at public colleges and healthcare and better chances for the middle class. >> i think bernie's fill --
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philosophies match a lot of the residents' in vallejo. i think he's showing not only these big city matter, but that every vote matters and i think the important everyone know that they're not being forgotten and he's here for us. >> reporter: and his supporters, they're for him not blinking an eye when a small plane flew overhead with a banner that read bernie's done, vote trump. >> cheap shot. >> the energy and enthusiasm that we are seeing here in california and all across this country is the campaign that will win in november. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the crowds of people here at the sanders rally left excited. [ audio difficulties ] but the senator did remind the crowd that there are still many pledged delegates at stake and encouraged the crowd to go out and vote in. vallejo cate cauguiran, kpix5. before traveling to vallejo sanders made a surprise visit to san francisco. he spoke to some supporters at
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justin herman plaza and walked with some of them through the financial district. and in san jose thousands of people endured the heat while standing out in the sun to hear sanders speak. he spoke to the crowd for about an hour. to clinch the nomination. it's nearly impossible for sanders to become the democratic nominee. hillary clinton has 96% of the delegates that she needs to clinch the domination. donald trump is being criticized over comments he made about oakland. he told the new york times magazine, "there are places in america that are among the most dangerous in the world. you go to places like oakland or ferguson, the crime numbers are worse seriously." okayland mayor libby schaaf fired back tweeting, "let me be clear. the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth." new fallout tonight in the sexual misconduct scandal rocking the oakland police department, two officers turned in their bans so far. as be with -- badges so far.
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as kpix5's christin ayers tells us, they walked away without so much as a slap on the wrist. >> two officers have resigned. >> reporter: the officers amid four suspended from the oakland police force amid allegations of sexual misconduct of an underage girl now 19 and calls herself celeste gaup. she says on facebook i have not hooked up with any police officers while underage, no misconduct. >> our investigation continues. we're going to move forward. we're not going to stop. >> reporter: oakland police admit the resignation could impact the internal affairs investigation. now the officers resigned they're under no obligation to participate in questioning and they cannot be disciplined by police. tonight okayland city councilman noel guyo applauded the resignation but said it should have come sooner. >> i think to me it should have been automatic termination. >> reporter: but two other
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oakland officers remain on administrative leave and whether any of the four could still face criminal charges is up in the air. >> the al need a county d.a.'s office is conducting an independent investigation. >> then there's the san francisco police department, chief greg suhr under fire for a string of police texting scandals, but a poll shows half of people support him. 50% polled want the chief to stay put. 31% want him to resign. >> reporter: what does this tell you? >> that the chief does have support as long as he's doing his job. >> now when it comes to the chief's job performance, 42% approve while 36% disapprove. assault near campus. tonight berkeley police and ucpd are investigating yet another sexual assault near campus. this one happened sunday afternoon. a woman said she was walking
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through the oxford parking lot off hurst avenue when a man attacked her. this is at least fifth sexual assault reported in berkeley this spring. if you have any information, call the berkeley police. a millbrae father missing for three weeks has been found dead. tonight it's classified as a homicide. 27-year-old keith green disappeared april 28th. sonoma county sheriffs found his body near highway 101 in sonoma county a week ago. >> right now our focus is to find out what happened to keith and it's our job to do the best job we can for him and for his family. >> detective its have not said -- detectives have not said how green died. so far no arrests. pittsburg police opened fire on this armed man and accidentally shot two people trying to help. the emergency workers loaded the men into ambulances on kinley drive. late last night those suspects' mother told police that her son had a gun. police say they shot the
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suspect after he reached for his firearm. bullets hit his leg and also struck his father and his brother. all three men are expected to survive. three san jose police officers accused of using excessive force are being investigated for a separate case months earlier. last night we told you about the federal lawsuit file over this survllance video. it shows officers hitting the man and now officers are in a similar resisting arrest case. now the city, officers union have not comment abouted. tonight two brothers are trying -- commented. tonight two brothers are trying to shut down one of the biggest parties in bay area. they have filed a lawsuit to shut down the pride celebration. the brothers were injured by gun violence at the celebration
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back in 2013. their attorney says changes need to be made because of violence in the years since then. >> my question for the court really is how many people need to get shot and how much of a nuisance does this event need before they shut it down? >> tonight organizers issued a statement saying, "we will not be bullied by false claims and strongly believe the court will see this action for what it is." tonight we are learning more about an alameda high school football player who died after practice. 15-year-old giovanni pulito known as gio collapsed on the field last night. he died on the way to the hospital. many of his classmates learned of the news today. school officials are providing students assistance. >> for kids learning of another child's death it can be deeply sorrowful and confusing. we do have grief counselors on hand for them to talk to. new trouble tonight for an
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embattled bay area blood testing startup, theranos promised to revolutionize healthcare by offering rapid cheap finger blood tests, but there are some serious questions about whether those tests actually work. 015.. thousands of now according to the wall street journal the company just threw out all test results from 2014 and 2015, thousands of them. the justice department launched a criminal investigation into theranos. state officials are easing up on water restrictions across california voting today to let local districts set their own conservation goals. the ruling lists a statewide requirement of 20% restrictions. we've heard the stories. we've had them on every night. we've had bees going crazy here in the bay area. now it's cows. what's going on? dozens of them invading a morgan hill backyard today. kpix5's betty yu shows us.
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>> and i think they just moved up against the fence and loosened a board and decided they could come through and basically pushed their way through. >> reporter: you could call it cow mageddon. we're talking about 60 something cows. sheryl agiloni sent these photos of the stampede yesterday afternoon. they destroyed her bench, plants and fruit trees and flowers in the afternoon. >> it was really nice and they ate it down to nothing. >> reporter: these cows usually graze on the other side of the hill. so the grass may have been greener on the other side. how do you get rid of them when you see all those cows in your yard? >> i had no idea. i tried screaming, playing a loud noise and they couldn't -- making a loud noise and they
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couldn't have cared less. >> reporter: they want the a quieter home life when they moved in 10 years ago. >> it's something you don't expect. you shake your head and open your eyes, is this real? >> reporter: in morgan hill, betty yu, kpix5. >> the family estimates that the damage will be a couple thousand dollars at least but says the owner of the land behind their home will cover the costs with insurance. this 22-acre estate in alamo is going to the dogs seriously. bay area software executive david duffield is putting his $39 million estate up for sale. proceeds of that sale will benefit a nonprofit animal welfare group called maddie's fund. duffield started the nonprofit organization after his dog passed away from cancer. you may notice something new next time you go to an atm. you don't need a debit card to use it. bank of america is rolling out its cardless atm service. at a few bay area branches all you need is a smartphone and
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android pay google's mobile payment service. you can make withdrawals, fors and transfer money -- deposits and transfer money. >> at the end of the day it's just going to be part of life. nothing surprises me and i think we're heading that direction. >> bank of america plans to roll out cardless banking to 5,000 atms by the end of the year. >> when's the last time we actually used cash? >> what's that? >> that's what our kids will be asking. what's the atm card? what's the temperature spread? 62 degrees at the beach today. we nearly hit 100 in lafayette. we will not see a wide temperature spread like that coming tomorrow. pretty shot outside oakland, 65, livermore 62, san francisco 57 and santa rosa 55 degrees. overnight we're talking about lows in the 50s, oakland 57 degrees tomorrow morning, concord 57, mid-50s also redwood city and san jose, everyone cooling off to the mid-
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50s despite your wide temperature spread earlier today. tomorrow the winds will do something. we're flipping direction. it was an offshore northeast wind getting you toasty away from the water today. tomorrow it's going to be a strong onshore flow which mean everything for us. so tomorrow afternoon it will be windy because the wind will really howl and the south bay it will be 20 degrees cooler from 91 degrees down to 71 degrees and by friday you could have a couple rain showers with highs only in the mid-to upper 60s. so a significant change because of the significant low pressure area diving down from the gulf of alaska raining now in portions of washington, british columbia and oregon. we'll tap into a little of that rainfall, but big change tomorrow despite the fact it will be sunny in the afternoon is the huge temperature drop. friday a couple scattered showers, but everyone is cloudy and cooler, windy, saturday still windy and cooler with highs in the mid-60s and there may be some scattered over the
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weekend as well. -- scattered showers over the weekend as well. tomorrow markedly cooler and breezy way slight chance of showers friday and saturday. only 71 livermore, san jose and san francisco 66. cooler and windy tomorrow, cooler, cloudier and breezy friday, a couple showers saturday morning with highs in the 60s. most of the week next week we will stay below average. mother nature teasing us with summer-like weather and bringing us right back to february, cooling us off. >> thanks, paul. dennis o'donnell live at oracle. >> reporter: that's right. the warriors, elizabeth, actually won three times tonight, the one on the floor and two others. we'll tell you about those and take you back inside their locker room when we come back. hey pal? you ready?
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eph curry putting the golden state warriors were named the sports team of the year tonight. so it's only fitting the
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warriors completed the trifecta here the best team on the floor this evening. steph curry, how about his hunting pregame? wanted a mulligan after the loss on monday, easy to see his intensity was up, barrels into the seats after a loose ball, scary moment, but he popped up with a knot on his elbow. thunder seemed primed to keep it close once again, kevin durant, two of his 29 points, oklahoma city down just two in the 2nd quarter. a four point game towards the end of the half. the ball deflected right toward andre iguodala, 50 points for the warrior bench tonight. curry was the closer in the 3rd quarter making three shots from downtown. warriors went on a 15-2 run, all 15 by city curry. he scored 28 in the game. warriors win -- steph curry. he scored 28 in the game. warriors win big. steve was asked about 3rd
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quarter curry. >> reporter: what stood out to you about tonight? >> from steph? >> reporter: yes. >> nothing. >> the last couple days have been great. whatever we do, that we have a lot of guys that get pretty testy with each other and it's a lot more quieter in the locker room. that's a good thing. >> i honestly was just trying to flip it up there and just trying not to kill myself on the way down, just trying to land. >> reporter: were you able to watch it on the big screen? >> yes. i didn't see it. i'm just trying to focus on making a free throw and i miss it. you want more good news? we got it. bay area baseball teams good news, that story straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. until hunter pence >> giants feasted on the padres down south and the bullpen, no need for it. 4th inning giants down a run until hunter pence takes drew pomeranz deep for a two-run home run. 2-1 san francisco and that was enough for johnny cueto on cruise control. he pitches his second complete game of the year. seven game win streak now for san francisco.
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how about that? billy beane has found something in rich hill, six more strikeouts today against the rangers with that curve ball really bending. khris davis hit three home runs yesterday, followed that up with another home run off martin perez. a's win big 8-1 and get to sweep. davis has 12 home runs. hill has six runs. elizabeth getting back to wrap it up in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an update on our breaking n egyptian aviation officials say the egypt air flight fr paris to cairo - has crashe ave the latest on we'll get you an update on
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our breaking news tonight. egyptian aviation officials say the air flight from paris to cairo has crashed. we'll have the latest on our morning show coming up at 4:30. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey, jon, man i gotta talk to you. >> stephen: hey, stephen. >> stephen: i got some bad news. ooum leaving the band. >> jon: i didn't realize you were in the band. >> stephen, of course, i'm in the band, jon. i play the drums. >> jon: joe plays the drum s. >> stephen: look, joe has coveredded for me on a few nights, but i am in the band-- or i was, because i'm out. >> jon: okay, well, good luck out there. >> stephen: you're not even going to try to get me to stay? see this is the kind of disrespect i have been getting. this is why i'm leaving the band. >> jon: stephen, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to disrespect you like that. sorry. >> stephen: thanks, man, that's-- that's all i ever really wanted to hear. okay, i'm back in the band.


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